Thursday, December 2, 2010

Be kind enough

I am having this horrible sore throat. I'm running out of ideas to soothe the pain. I'm screaming inside and I do not feel like speaking a single word or swallowing my saliva anymore. It hurts so much. Honey helps a lot. It's sweet and it works like magic. I wish I can just take spoons and more spoons of honey. But each spoon is not cheap. So I have to rely on lime, salt and warm water. Hopefully the sore will go away soon.

Getting sick is not fun. I'm trying to sleep EARLY. But my piles of homework is pulling at my hands and feet. What is wrong with my schedule? And Christmas is like.....23 ( REPEAT, TWENTY-THREE) days away. I'm still working so hard :( LOL. I'm just thinking about my well-deserved break! This has got to be my most whiniest post. I am mostly a very whiny person. But I never like to write rambling posts.

So, moving on.

I have a question for you, if you're reading this. It was on my mind this afternoon.
Have you ever been kind or daring enough to tell your friend if he/she has

1. Something gross stuck up their nose? or
2. Chocolate cream around the mouth? or
3. Vegetable stuck between the teeth? or
4. Exposed their butt crack? :O
5. Forgot to zip their pants?

I mean it happens and it's really embarrassing but we just ignore them. We can't look at them in the eyes and tell them, "Hey, you need to clean up!", or "Erm, you're giving a free show la, pull up your pants please." Which I admit for laughing at such people before and walking away instead.

But what if it was YOU in that embarrassing position?

I get my mouth dirty all the time but I don't realize it until I looked at myself in the mirror and discover the horror. I even think about how many hundreds of people have been snickering behind my back because I have cream on my face, and nobody was kind enough to tell me. They had to let the mirror do the last minute clean up job for me.

Which got me thinking... I think I won't mind embarrassing myself in front of just one person who noticed something unsightly and told me about it. I rather you tell me and not think twice about 'me' feeling uncomfortable. In fact, I would thank you and appreciate you for being kind enough.

You would want people do that nice little gesture for you too, don't ya?

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