Tuesday, November 2, 2010

With all of my heart...

I want to thank God for the things I don't usually remember to thank God for but these things are so important and so priceless. I'm grateful to be reminded of His goodness, love and everlasting grace.

Thank God for

  • New mornings everyday
  • Sunlight and rain
  • My whole body, that's healthy and complete
  • Home
  • Everlasting life
  • Second chances, third chances, fourth chances and more
  • Wisdom
  • Education and a brain to learn
  • Forgiveness
  • My ability to drive a car without crashing
  • Technology
  • Mom and Dad, for who am I without them
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Safety and protection wherever I go
  • Good people
  • MUSIC :)
  • Rest
  • Beauty
  • Heroes, you are one if you're helpful and kind.
  • Trials, to make me a better, stronger person
  • LOVE
  • Mothers, and okay, fathers too. (LET'S BE GRATEFUL FOR THESE PEOPLE EVERYDAY)
  • God, yes, You. You are the most important and the most priceless. Without You, there would be none of the above. There would not be this.


  1. Great things to thank God for! :)

  2. Crys: What other things you might have overlooked? :) We all have different things to thank God for!


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