Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm leaving all my troubles behind
I'm letting go I'll follow the line
Holding on with all of my life
I see Your rising Son
We've only just begun

I'm walking to the beat of Your heart
You take me all the way to the start
Stretch Your hand straighten the path
I'm found in open skies
Your heart it lives in mine

I'm finding my first love again
I'm learning how to let You in
Trusting You with all that I am
The shadows fade away
Its You that clears the day

No more running wild
I'm Yours for life
You got me here
You got me
I hear Your call tonight
Your heart is mine
You got me here
You got me

You drew me out of the deepest sea woah
You gave my soul a song to sing woah
You took me up on the mountains high woah
I see my life in a different light woah

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