Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just letting you go

You did not walk out of my life. We did not have a huge disagreement. But you're not here like you used to be anymore because someone else needs you more now.

I'm learning to let go of people who are not meant to stay in my life forever. Sure, I've probably known you for years and built a very close relationship with you, but maybe it's time for us to move on and meet new people and be apart of their lives now.

It's so hard to let go of you. I want to be selfish sometimes, and keep you right beside me because I can tell you anything and everything.

I'm not cutting ties here. We're still going to be friends. We're still going to have a chat someday at a coffee shop and laugh about good times. But you're not going to be there when I need you the most.

But I still thank you for the friendship we've made. It was good meeting you.
And it's time to say goodbye.


  1. My dearest Andrea,

    This is so wonderfully written and so heartfelt. And I think, I think this is the start of another whole new season of learning - of discovering that in letting go, you gain new things, you learn more about yourself, you grow more - and sometimes, the things you let go of come back to you when you least expect it.

    There's a line from the poem you copied for me, from Words Without Melody, that keeps playing in my mind as of late:

    "The less I control, the less I mess up.
    The more I let go, the more He turns up."

    It's not comfortable to say that. It's not comfortable to write what you write. But that's good, if it's challenging. If it's hard. Because it means you're growing. :)

    <3 you heaps darling!!!

  2. hey gal.. is reading your blog.. and this post..
    i feel like so "amazing"..!
    you know why? After i reading this post, I realize that we are facing the same situation. Every single words, every single line that you wrote. I totally understand, and I know what you feel. It's sad. I suffered for this more than half year.. Until now.. I just overcame it. Praise God. =)

    It's sad that we need to letting someone to go, who is so precious to us. It's hard. But what I realize it, even though now my friendship between me and "someone" is totally no more. We no longer keep in touch at all, our relationship not as good as the previous one. But, I learnt alot through this, and become more mature =) maybe one day I can share with you more?!

    No worries gal, I believe that you can "recover" one day. and you can do it well..!!
    Even though we are far from each other, I cant do much for you, but the only thing I can do is.. I'll keep you in my prayer..!!

    Love you *HUGS* Take care =)


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