Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have a new day

How can every day be the same?

How can we call our lives boring, sleepy and unexciting sometimes?

We complain so much but never try to make something good happen.

Oh, I hope we would all learn to jump out of our old skins. Shed it already. It's wrinkly. Grow a new one.

Let's be brave and super. Let's be kind. Let's be awesome.

What shall we do to make life more colorful?

Talk to the person beside you
, bite into some food you've never tasted before, speak our ideas, love the unloved, pick up that piece of rubbish on the floor instead of walking over it, complain less, listen more, get out and breathe some fresh air, give 'me' a break, stop being lazy, be daring but not stupid, learn to cook, stop saying "Life is boring" "I want to die" "Today is the worst day ever." Walk the second mile for anyone. Sing a different song. Dance in the rain. Stop being rude, start being nice.

Now tell me, how's life?


glorious shouts