Thursday, September 16, 2010

What I Did On Malaysia Day

What an exciting morning, day and night!

Happy Malaysia Day everyone! *sings national anthem*


Some of you woke up at 5am and joined Change Your World to clean up SS13 with YB Hannah Yeoh, some of you went to WorshipGOD 2010 ENCOUNTER EXPERIENCE CELEBRATE conference at DUMC, some went to Indonesia for missions, some people slept in bed happily , some people went back to work ( I HOPE NOT!) and I went to Kajang to join Hari Komuniti organized by Kajang AOG church :D

Oh it was fun! I had 11 coupons to spend on so much food and games, but I ended up using 4 or 5 only and gave the rest away to one kind hungry soul named Joel Dass. Thanks man!

I also did something I've never did before but have always wanted to do all these while.


Hurrah! I am a universal donor.

If you're asking "Pain or not?"

I say, "No pain la" :) I'm not afraid of needles and you don't have to be. Donate your blood if you're healthy, handsome, pretty, 18 and above and save 3 lives :)


Some of you still continued to laze in bed ( I BET!) and I went to meet my dear friends at The Curve!

I tried bowling for the very first time. Hoho. I was so adamant before to learn because of my stupid pride ( honestly) but I decided to just fail and learn.

I love bowling already. You just have to concentrate on the middle arrow-HARD and please choose the right bowling ball, and also go with friends who will cheer you on eventhough your bowling ball seems to go into the 'longkang' everytime.


Highlight: Sidney Mohede!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from True Worshippers :) (he's so cute)

I attended WorshipGOD 2010 ENCOUNTER EXPERIENCE CELEBRATE conference at DUMC and we were worshipping God for whole two hours. We danced, we sang, we clapped, we shouted, we screamed, and most importantly, we worshipped.

Let me leave you listening to this beautiful song: Shine Like Stars

We will shine
Shine like stars above
Shining in your light
Guided by your love

Let your fire burn in us
Burning like the sun
As we glorify
And show your kingdom come
In all the Earth

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