Friday, September 10, 2010

Tell The World

We all have stories to tell. The things we go through, the pain and the joy.

And when God does a miracle, or when God does something good for us, don't keep quiet! Don't think it was nothing or that nobody will listen. Shout it out loud! Praise Him!

I am so blessed today because my friend, Neil told me his life story and how God changed Him, turned him around and used him. He used to be such a bad boy =p but WOW, God is so amazing. To Neil, he probably thought he was talking way too much about himself, but God was using his testimony to encourage me.

Especially we, second-generation Christians. I know what it's like to grow up in a Christian home your whole life. And you know, God just continues to pour His favor on us generously. So many times we take His blessings for granted and we say we have nothing to thank Him for because we never had a truly hard life.

And when you (including myself) want to share about the goodness of God to your friends , we are dumbfounded. But did you know that having His peace, His love and joy flowing in your heart everyday is a testimony. We are not afraid to die because we know where we're going. Whenever we need something or a way out, He's the one who answers our prayers.

Remember guys, no matter how big or small your story is, it will still bring encouragement to the people around you. You never know because God is the one who will touch their hearts. We just have to be willing to share :)

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