Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking Time

I’ve never had a break so long before. It’s been 2 months but I love it! I’ve always been so caught up in work and shoving the busy sign in people’s faces, and taking my health for granted for the past year. So during the holidays, I took the time alone to be at peace with myself, doing things I love like photography, travelling, making cards, having girly sleepovers and building relationships by catching up with all the people I missed (all these are so therapeutic!).

I ended up trying lots of new things like cooking ratatouille & baked potatoes, learning to start a fire in a barbeque pit, and karaoke-ing.

After doing all of the above, my skin became more clear from all the major break outs I was having at one point. I was happy on the inside and less whiny. I wore brighter smiles too.

In whatever I do, it’s about connecting hearts and souls. I didn’t just take time off for myself but also for me to be (not just physically around, but emotionally) with friends and family. Along the way, I met new people, and they became part of me too.

I hope that now that I’m going back to college and not only that, I’m starting this whole new journey once again in a different place full of unfamiliar faces, that I will find time to have some ‘love me’ space and connect with the people I care amongst my busyness. I don’t want my work to be an excuse to put myself last or to push people away.

To you who have been here by my side always, thank you :) I hope I did meet up with you and if we didn't let's hope we will- soon!


  1. I love this posttt! :) I love how in totally different ways, our "new journeys" and unplanned breaks coincided and that this past two months have been full of so many lessons learned, memories made, and opportunities to rediscover bits of who we are. :)

  2. Darling! :)
    You're so right! We are kind of on the same page. *looks at my blog background and laughs for no reason*
    So many good memories babe. Thank you.


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