Friday, September 17, 2010


I miss mom and dad! Hope you two are having a good time sharing your lives with people.

I miss Lynette Natasha! Woman, we need to talk :) and laugh :) and do something crazy.

I miss holding my packet of red blood. It was so precious and it will be to someone one day.

I miss the beach and the waves washing my toes.

I miss sleeping while it's raining outside heavily.

I miss seeing beautiful sunsets in pinks, yellows, reds and purple.

I miss high school. Being such a nerd. Being so innocent and then so naughty. Running for Sport's Day. Following some really lame school rules- No liquid paper, no more than 3 key chains, no sharp scissors (does that make sense at all?). Wearing baju kurung during assembly to avoid wearing the ugly tie. Washing dirty school shoes every weekend. Copying homework (HAHA)

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