Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good game

New thing today : FRISBEE! :D Absolutely fun to play and sweat-it-out game.

I was so lazy to go walking in the park though I promised myself I would regularly exercised. After walking for 2 rounds in my slippers (just to accompany mom & dad), I didn't want to walk anymore.

So my dad took out the frisbee and we started to fling the plastic disc in the air. We weren't professionals to begin with and I've never played that game before. So I had to try a lot of times before the disc started to make beautiful, smooth turns and swings. It had a lot to do with the way I swing my arm and how much strength used.

After awhile, I made a bet with dad! haha. If one of us win by earning 20 points each time we catch the disc, we would buy the person who wins whatever they would like to eat.

All the screaming I did each time I missed catching hold of the disc made dad the winner! haha.
He won 20-16.

He asked for McD's vanilla ice-cream.

I am not a sore loser so I am going to get Dad's deserved prize ice-cream.

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