Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things I felt before

I hope I'll never forget what it's like to fall in love again.

Constantly having that only one person on your mind and not being able to wipe that silly smile away. Finally you realized you've doodled his name all over your note pad with heart shapes and smileys for almost an hour.

You miss him even when you're talking to him on the phone. You miss him even more when you said bye a second ago.

You come up with excuses to meet up even if it's for 5 minutes - I need to pass you something, I'm bored, I'm home alone and I'm scared, I haven't eaten and I thought you could grab a bite with me.

Remembering the dates and details of every magical moment you had together. Not wanting to forget, you write it down.

Wishing you were there beside him when he fell sick.

Believing. Trusting. Loving. Understanding. Giving. Committing.

Feeling jealous ( a good kind) for him.

Holding hands and feeling safe.

Getting into the car with him and wishing the night would last and never end. When it does, you take forever to say goodbye. But a nice, big hug helps ;)

Being comfortable together. I'm in my old jammies, wearing my glasses with no make up and he loves it.

Cooking for him even when you can't do it so well. Watch him eat it. Watch him make a face. Watch him finish it without complain.

Blushing hard when he tells you how he truly feels about you and knowing deep inside he truly meant it.

Hearing his voice makes your day.

Thinking what did you ever do to deserve his love.

Believing this love you have for him will last forever and no one could ever take it away from you.

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