Monday, August 23, 2010

My favourite smells

  • The smell of fresh air before sunrise because it smells of freedom and you feel like flying.
  • The smell of warm baked cookies which smells like love and lots of hard work :)
  • The smell of clean laundry because dirty laundry stinks and clean laundry smells like flowers.
  • The smell of my own hair cause I think I smell nice.
  • The smell of victory. Oh, it's the best cause you deserve it.
  • The smell of fish curry, chicken curry, assam laksa, corn in cup, nasi lemak and satay makes my tummy really hungry.
  • The smell of clean toilets. WAHAHAHA. I have OCD for cleanliness.
  • The smell of fruity perfumes. I like to smell like FUN.
  • The smell of rain because it's refreshing.
  • The smell of durians. HEAVENLY.
  • The smell of babies. They smell good for no reason.

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