Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hi there

I'm Andrea.
I'm simple-minded but I have my own opinions. eg: I think you're a nice person.
I'm a girl who loves to eat a lot and worry about putting on weight, but food is just more important.
I'm trusting God everyday to guide me on how to live this challenging, roller coaster life.
I'm wanting to see the world with kind eyes.
I'm looking forward to bring smiles to everyone I meet.
I'm a pastor's kid but still just like you.
I'm in love with things that you can wear.
I'm learning everyday - small lessons, big lessons, painful lessons, but they are worthwhile cause I'm only gaining more.
I'm so hungry right now. hehe.
I'm praying hard this blog will always have my honest words and make me a better person as I reflect on my life.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    I think you're a nice person too.
    Don't worry about weight - life is too short to eat 'diet' and 'lite' versions of food.
    God will.
    What you look for is what you'll find.
    You already have made people smile by being who you are.
    I'm a PK too!
    The best thing you could wear is your smile. :)
    Keep learning - this life is a never-ending journey!
    Eat more durians! Hehe.
    I'm sure it will.


  2. Thank you for always inpiring and encouraging me babe! You're irreplaceable.


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